Resolve Landlord-Tenant Disputes Quickly and Fairly

Hire a skilled landlord attorney in the Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, CA area

Are you locked in a tense dispute with a tenant? Landlord-tenant laws are complicated - even seemingly clear-cut cases won't always end with the results you'd expect. Contact the Law Offices of Darryl Yorkey to retain an experienced landlord attorney in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, CA.

Attorney Yorkey has represented both landlords and tenants throughout Berkley, Oakland, Almeida, San Mateo, Napa and San Francisco. If you're dealing with a landlord-tenant dispute that seems to have no end in sight, reach out to him right away.

You didn't become a landlord to provide free housing. If you're tired of tenants who have a different excuse every month for missed payments, speak to a landlord attorney for assistance. We'll help you evict your tenant without risking a lawsuit. Your problem tenant will be out in no time.

Settle your landlord-tenant dispute once and for all. Trust attorney Yorkey to look out for your best interests in the San Francisco, CA area.

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